Chapter 40. Standard Tools

A tool has been made for several compilers on different platforms. Tools can be selected for use by the :usetool and :toolsearch commands.

The following tools are distributed with Aap:


Adds support for the Borland C++ compiler tools.


Support for the Digital Mars D compiler.

The "{onestep}" option is supported for this compiler. Also, if the :dll target is used, it will check for existence of DllMain. If it isn't found, it will be added. Export definitions are delegated to the programmer through using either '.def'-files or the 'export' attribute (recommended). Note that DMD currently supports dll's only for the Win32 platform.

In addition to using the variables in the D module,the tool uses the $DEBUG and the $OPTIMIZE variables if set. If $OPTIMIZE is set to a value larger than 0, the "-O" switch is passed to the compiler. Optimization is on by default. If $DEBUG is set to "yes", the "-g" switch will be passed to the compiler. For other language independent switches like "-gt", use the $DFLAGS variable. The language dependent debug switches should be put in the $DDEBUG variable.


Adds support for the GNU C compiler tools.


Support for the IBM C compiler tools.


Adds support for the GNU C compiler tools under the MinGW environment.


Support for the MicroSoft Visual compiler tools.