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A-A-P makes it easy to locate, download, build and install software. It also supports browsing source code, developing programs, managing different versions and distribution of software and documentation. This means that A-A-P is useful both for users and for developers.     More about A-A-P...


2004 April 9: Aap article in Linux Journal
An introduction to Aap can be found in the article "Automating tasks with Aap", in the May 2004 edition of the Linux Journal Magazine The two main subjects are maintaining a web site and building programs. The article was written by Bram Moolenaar.
Update: The article is available online here.

2015-06-06: The latest ZIP version of Aap is 1.094, Agide 0.124. In CVS are Aap 1.094 and Agide 0.124.

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The Aap program executes recipes. It is a kind of super-make program. In a recipe you describe how to perform a certain task. Like a Makefile it contains dependencies and build commands. Additionally, many powerful features are included, so that you can use a recipe to:
  • Build a program by just specifying the program name and the source files
  • Maintain a web site (the A-A-P site is generated and uploaded with a recipe)
  • Download the latest version of files
  • Distribute files to several servers at once
  • Obtain a module from CVS
  • Commit changes to CVS; add and remove files automatically
  • Generate and filter files
  • Build several variants and on multiple platforms with little effort

Using a recipe works better than a Makefile in many ways:
  • Uses signatures to avoid trouble with timestamps
  • Integrated support for up- and downloading
  • Avoids shell commands for greater portability
  • Includes the power of Python script
  • Automatically figures out dependencies on included files
  • Avoids line continuation mistakes
  • Good support for a project with multiple directories

A-A-P version 1.0 has been released. All essential features are working. Testing has been done on Unix, MS-Windows and Mac OS X.

The automatic mechanisms only work for C. You can add support for other languages. Hopefully more tools and languages will soon be supported, this depends on volunteers to help developing A-A-P.

Not everything has been properly tested. Use with care!

  The A-A-P GUI IDE is a framework in which separate tools can work together. Like any other Integrated Development Environment it supports:
  • Creating a project
  • Building and executing a program
  • Browsing files
  • Debugging a program while displaying source code

Read the tutorial to get an idea of what you can use Agide for. Click on this image to see a screendump of Agide being used for debugging:

Debugging with Agide

Agide is not a monolitic application. Separate tools can be plugged in. Thus you are not forced to use one editor.

Each tool implements part of the plugin interface. This interface makes it possible for a tool to communicate with other tools, without the need to know how the other tools work. For example, an editor can set a breakpoint in a file, without knowing what kind of debugger is being used. And the debugger can show the PC position in a source file, without knowing what editor is being used.

Currently only a few things are supported:
  • Using an A-A-P recipe for a project
  • Debugging with gdb
  • Editing with Vim
  • Unix

Hopefully volunteers will help adding their favorite tool. Since it is relatively easy to add a tool, this list is expected to grow quickly.

Not everything has been properly tested, use with care!

A-A-P is funded by stichting NLnet. The project leader is Bram Moolenaar (Bram AT
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