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2003 July 10: OSCON

Bram Moolenaar did a presentation on A-A-P at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. This is a big conference, O'Reilly reports there are about 1500 attendees. With eleven parallel tracks there are about 150 speakers, most of them open source developers. A nice crowd.

You can find the slides with comments here. This is a 1.5 Mbyte PDF file. It gives an overview of the Aap program with a few examples.

You can find the pictures here.

2003 February 8-9: FOSDEM

The project leader of A-A-P visited FOSDEM 2003. This was a free conference on open source and free software. Among the speakers were Jon "Maddog" Hall and Richard M. Stallman. It took place on 8 and 9 February at the "Free university" in Brussels.


You can find the handout here (PDF, 238 kbyte). Feel free to give copies away.

2002 November 16-17: BSDCon Europe 2002


A-A-P has been presented at the conference "BSDCon Europe 2002", November 15-17, Amsterdam. Title of the presentation: "All For One Port, One Port For All". More info about the conference on the conference web site. You can now download PDF files of the paper and the slides.

Zimbu @ Euro BSDcon

2002 May 27-31: SANE 2002

SANE is an international conference on System Administration and NEtworking. It was held in Maastricht, the Netherlands. More info about SANE on this web site:

A-A-P was presented at SANE with a poster. This was the very first public appearance of A-A-P in the world. The posters were located in the exhibition hall where attendees could walk around and talk with the poster authors.

SANE poster visitors     SANE poster full
(click on image for enlargement)

Quite a few people came by to ask questions and make remarks. The most often asked question was what A-A-P stands for. The answer was a bit disappointing, since it doesn't stand for anything.
Another issue raised was how A-A-P interfaces with package management systems. Apparently several people run into the problem that this works differently on various systems. It would be very nice if A-A-P can hide the details from the developer, so that packages can be generated for various systems automatically. The priority for this feature will be raised.
A-A-P is currently assuming that the user obtains the required files. This is a "pull" system. Someone asked about using a "push" method. This would be needed for efficient worldwide distribution. Although A-A-P has no plans to include this "push" method, an interface to an existing system would be appropriate. The Globe project, also presented at SANE, is an example of such a system.

The poster itself was already outdated, since it was created a month before the conference, and a few things already changed since then. For example, Python expressions are now enclosed in backticks instead of square brackets.

You can view the poster (without corrections) in full glory using this PDF file (225 Kbyte). The two pages about A-A-P that appeared in the conference proceedings can be found in this PDF file (90 Kbyte).


This was the first appearence of Zimbu, the mascotte of A-A-P. The story behind it comes from a Dilbert cartoon:

Dilbert meets Zimbu

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