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Zimbu Awards

        444 euro award for the best contribution to the A-A-P project: Adriaan de Groot
222 euro award for the most useful patch for Aap or Agide: Rui Lopes
111 euro award for the brightest idea for the A-A-P project: Joerg Beyer

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From July to September 2003 contributions to the A-A-P project have been monitored. An award was promised to those who helped the development of Aap and Agide. In October 2003 the three winners were selected. This is why they deserve a Zimbu award:

Adriaan de Groot has tracked down a large number of problems and provided solutions. He changed the documentation from SGML to XML and wrote an explanation about how to get the required tools for XML. Adriaan added support for "libtool", helped implementing language modules and improved the robustness of several commands.

Rui Lopes made the FreeBSD port of Aap and supplied patches to make installing Aap work a lot better. The quality of his patches was remarkably high. By making the FreeBSD port he also increased the visibility of the A-A-P project.

Joerg Beyer has supplied several solutions for tricky problems in the Aap implementation. The scope support was based on his ideas, he made a first implementation for the automatic configuration support and improved the setup for testing. Strangely not much of his code ended up in Aap, but his suggestions were indispensible.
Joerg replied that he donates the money to the ICCF foundation, the charity that Bram Moolenaar promotes to help needy children in Uganda.

Besides the three winners all contributors at least deserve a big "thank you" for the time they invested to make Aap more powerful, faster, reliable and simpler to use. They receive the appreciation from all Aap users!

Award presentation

Since Adriaan de Groot works not far from where Bram Moolenaar lives, at the University of Nijmegen, the Zimbu award could be handed to him personally. Here are a few pictures of the award presentation (click on an image for a full-size version).

Adriaan (left) receives the Zimbu Award from Bram No occasion without tart! Adriaan with his award and Zimbu himself
Adriaan (left) receives the Zimbu Award from Bram. No occasion without tart! Adriaan with his award and Zimbu himself.

The money for the Zimbu awards is provided by Stichting NLnet.

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