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Agide Version Log

This is a list of remarks about each version of Agide, most recent one first. You might want to watch this if you are waiting for a problem to be fixed.

There is a separate version log for Aap here.

Note that the most recent version may not be available yet.

July 4
Import "sys" and "types" in (Christoph Herzog)
Unhandled exception in wxProxyPanel() with wxPython 2.5.
The greptool doesn't work with wxPython 2.5. Several other changes for wxPython 2.5. (Christoph Herzog)
Converted the debugger images from .png to .xpm, so that they can be used with Motif gvim.
Added Makefile activity. (Giulio Iotti)
June 9
When evaluating an expression and the result looks like it is a pointer, also evaluate what it points to.
When evaluating an expression, include the expression in the result, so that the user can see what was found under the cursor.
When using gvim with the debugger, add toolbar items for running a program and single stepping.
Support the termcap sequence to delete multiple characters.
For the connection to gvim start with port number 49765. That's in the range IANA recommends for dynamic ports.
Support message translations. (first setup by Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
Mar 3
Made the program to be executed for DebugTool configurable with a DebugTool/program entry in the configuration file.
Debug tool: When setting or removing a breakpoint while the program is running, Interrupt gdb and "cont" the program afterwards.
Debug tool: Handle insert mode and character deletion, so that editing a gdb command works a lot better.
Sep 16
On Win32 Gvim is closed when starting gdb. This isn't necessary, it was for working around a problem with the GTK version of wxPython.
When reading from the Gvim socket fails we get a "socket.error" exception instead of an "IOError" exception, catch that as well.
When the "Exec" directory exists it would be used, without checking for a "Exec-1.234" directory, which would be more recent. Now use the directory with a version number when it exists.
In the console, recognize MSVC error messages.
Fixed: When the debug window is closed got a few wx errors.
Installing the Agide package on MS-Windows now offers the user the choice to install a gvim.exe with Netbeans interface.
Sep 9
On Win32, when Python is not in $PATH, add the path to the Python executable in agide.bat.
Sep 8
Fixed: When quitting Agide the debugger window would remain open. Quit the debugger when reading an empty string from it.
Fixed: "agide --version" failed when no X server is available. Postpone importing wxPython modules until after checking for the "--version" argument.
When installing agide user $PREFIX/share/man instead of $PREFIX/man when it exists. Useful for Linux.
Aug 29
Also support "aap install" for MS-Windows. Added agide.bat.
Aug 27
When the directory for the configuration file doesn't exist Agide just gives an error message. Now attempt creating the directory, so that the history of activities can be stored.
Fixed: program_path() in wasn't imported from the RecPython module.
Fixed: detecting a change-directory message didn't work, double-clicking on an error message could open the file in the wrong directory.
Instead of having an "agide" symlink to, use a separate "agide" module that imports "", so that the compiled "agide.pyc" is used. (Rui Lopes)
Further improve "aap install", always use PREFIX when it is defined. (Rui Lopes)
Aug 22
Added main.aap and filelist.aap to the distributed files. Can now really do "aap install".
Aug 21
Support the Aap directory being called "../Exec-1.234.
"aap install" can now be used to install Agide (Unix only). And "aap uninstall" to uninstall Agide. Locate Agide relative to the currently running version of Aap.
Jul 4
Fixed: Get a syntax error with Python 1.5.
Jun 30
Win32: When executing a program need to use double quotes for spaces in the file name and use backslashes for path separator. (Dan Sharp)
Win32: When executing an item, run it asynchronously. (Sergey Khorev)
Jun 27
In the Gvim netbeans interface escape special characters, especially backslashes. (Sergey Khorev)
Added a check for the Aap version. Previously an obscure error would be given, e.g. for a missing function. Renamed to to avoid confusion with the in Aap.
Jun 26
Included support for MS-Windows. (Sergey Khorev)
Made the test for the netbeans interface of Gvim work on MS-Windows.
May 15
In the gdb debug tool support the cursor keys. Can now use the command history and correct typing mistakes.
Apr 27
Fix creating a new Aap project. var2dictlist() was moved from Util to RecPython.
Apr 20
When Agide was started from a symbolic link and Python 2.1 was used it can't find the modules in the Exec directory.
Synchronize with Exec version 0.137 (use RecPython module).
Apr 11
Avoid adding empty items in a project.
Updated the recipe template to use ":program". Requires Aap version 0.129 or later.
Apr 10
Removed debugging code that forced gvim to use the Netbeans interface.
Apr 7
Added "import string" where needed. Latest wxPython version does not do it for us.
Mar 18
Debug message for DebugTool doesn't work. (Daniel Elstner)
The wxNotebook.AddPage() method has changed in recent wxPython versions. Change the call into a portable form.
Added an entry to agide.cnf to set the name of the terminal used. Prepare for adding more configuration settings. (Christopher Sharp)
Mar 15
When gdb echoes the "print" command a few times, balloon evaluation doesn't work. (Daniel Elstner)
Mar 14
Didn't get the "nice" error message for failure to load wxPython, because GUItop was imported first.
Can't set breakpoint when compilation directory doesn't end in a slash. (Daniel Elstner)
Didn't recognize breakpoint set by the user if directly followed by the prompt. (Daniel Elstner)
Added the file to be able to run pychecker on the code. Fixed a few warnings from pychecker.
Removed the DDD tool. Wasn't working very well and can now use gdb and Vim.
Mar 14
When using Gvim without Netbeans interface, detect whether it is still running or not. Also delay for a second after starting Gvim to avoid an error message.
When executing a program, don't wait for it to finish. Open a new xterm for every program, but re-use an xterm for which the program has ended.
When the user opens another file in Gvim (e.g., a help file) exiting Agide would prompt the user to save the "Hidden" Activity. Reset the modified flag of "Hidden" before exiting.
Mar 13
Milestone release. Also available as a zip file.
Mar 12
Use the "saveAndExit" function to make Vim exit in a safe way.
Closing all activities and then Closing again causes an error message. (Christopher Sharp)
Mar 11
Fixed a race condition for sending commands to GDB: the response handler was installed after sending the command instead of before it.
Improved the editing of items in an A-A-P project.
Mar 10
Removed all the Boa files.
Started the version log.

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