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Agide todo list

These are things to be done for Agide, without any priority ordering.
See here for the Aap todo list.

New Activities
New Tools
New navigation
New mechanisms, design
Tool interface


  • After adding and deleting an item, it's still in the items list.
  • When an editor is open when starting the debugger, it hangs. Hacked around this by closing the editor first. Remove HACK in Tools/
  • When executing the compiler, stderr goes to the terminal where Agide was started. Redirect stdout and stderr at a lower level, so that it also works for os.system().
  • Closing a File activity doesn't remove the item from the Items list.
  • When a debugger tool is closed, editors still show the breakpoints. Go along its breakpoints and PC items and remove them from all editors.
  • Win32: The target of a ":program" command is listed in the navigation tree without the ".exe". (Dan Sharp) Should use the alias of the node. In general: handle ":program" and similar commands properly.
  • When using the DJGPP version of "gcc" a hang occurs if building is attempted while the debugger window is open. The MinGW version of "gcc" works fine.


  • Document the options in agide.cnf. Now: Console/program: terminal to use for executed programs.
  • Project: When adding items to a project or renaming them: Sort the list of items.
  • In a navigation tree show an image depending on the item type.
  • Project: In a project activity, show items below the recipe where they are set. Special handling for startup recipes (exclude items from "start" scope). Exclude builtin items.
  • Debugger: "Run to cursor" in debugger toolbar
  • Debugger: Support cursor keys. Set terminal name $TERM? Split off terminal emulator?
  • Popup menu in items list: Close item. Closes tool if it's the last item for it.
  • Support using another terminal than xterm.
  • Grep tool: Specify list of files/directories to search in.
  • For "build" menu item for Project use Submenu with available targets (+ "all", "publish", etc.).

New Activities

  • Makefile (read-only, build, identify files)

New Tools

  • Generic way to start an external program for a tool and detect that it has exited. E.g. ddd.

New navigation

  • Navigation with ctags of project.
  • Tree of items in Python file/module/package. (use Boa code?)
  • Use Boa ExplorerNode for editing items in A-A-P Project?

New mechanisms, design

  • Add a way to make settings in the default recipe "~/.aap/startup/default.aap". For example to set $CC to "gcc".
  • In a project activity, show included and child recipes as branches in the tree.
  • Edit HTML, preview in browser (netscape).
  • Add a view on a project that shows its targets and the dependency tree.
  • Allow the user to specify his preferences for using a Tool for a certain action-filetype .
  • Make an MS-Windows executable with everything in it, so that the user doesn't have to install Python or wxWindows. Can use Py2Exe or the McMillan Installer.
  • Save window size and layout, restore it next time Agide is started.
  • Flexible way to define error messages that need to be recognized. Also multi-line messages (e.g., GNU make changing directory). How to let this depend on the type of project? When file isn't found let user specify the location.
  • Agide settings in a project: Execute arguments.
  • Support multiple variants.
  • Move project-specific stuff from NavTree to Activities/ and type-specific ActyItem.
  • Add a help system. Boa has done it in a nice way.
  • Undo for editing a project.
  • For variants the IDE can add specific commands for each variant:
    	@if DEBUG == "debug":		# Added by IDE, don't edit this line.
    	    mapfile : $(SOURCE).map
    	    	do something
    	@if GUI == "motif":		# Added by IDE, don't edit this line.
    	    motif_w.c : motif_templ
    	       :sys gen motif_templ > motif_w.c

Tool interface

See: Agide/Tools/README.txt
  • Add command to the Netbeans interface to set window size (in pixels or in lines/columns)
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