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To be able to make plans, it is required to make choices for the architecture where it will influence the work in the following phases significantly. However, everything may still change once more work has been done and when more people give their opinion. No change is without a price though, thus the choices must be done carefully. It will set the direction in which A-A-P is going.

The modules and interfaces

The best way to design the architecture is with use cases. Each use case shows how a user would normally do a certain task. This gives good insight in how the parts of A-A-P work together when they are used in action, and how the features are mapped to modules.

The use cases are rather sketchy. Only the main modules and interfaces between them need to be clear. There is no intention to make the list of use cases complete, they are only used to support making the design.

The use cases can be found here. The list of modules is here. The list of interfaces is here.

The recipe is the main interface between parts of A-A-P. A few things are said about that in the first two design decisions, see below. Designing the recipe will be the main task of the second phase.

Design Decisions

I find it very useful to make a list of the main decisions for the architecture. This shows why decisions were made and avoids that discussions are repeated, while new arguments that pop up may cause decisions to change.

What you will not find here are requirements. Those are choices made for the what A-A-P will do, not how to do it. Also missing are detailed decisions that don't influence the work much.

You can find the full list of decisions here.


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