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tools useful for A-A-P

The intention for A-A-P is to use existing tools as much as possible. To find out which tools can be used this overview has been compiled.
    Some tools cannot be used directly, but function as an example or can be invoked by A-A-P (e.g., commercial tools and programs which are not portable). Unless noted otherwise, tools are open-source.
    If you find a tool that would be useful for A-A-P but is not listed here, or when information is incorrect, send a message to Bram AT
    Note: this list is not intended to be complete. Information that is irrelevant for A-A-P is omitted.

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Various tools

Since A-A-P tries to use existing tools as much as possible, this list provides useful tools related to A-A-P. This is not intended to make a choice, but to check if these tools can work together in the A-A-P framework.
A internet based system to work together on software. Basis for CollabNet. Includes a Web-based project environment with revision control, issue tracking, mailing list creation and management, Web-based administration, custom branding and content and document and file management.
Commercial, but based on open source tools (e.g., CVS).
File sharing
There are many tools to share files between people, e.g., Gnutella or a web server. Since there are so many available and the choice is currently not relevant for A-A-P, a listing of these tools is omitted. Only tools that are specifically for developing software are mentioned.
One of the best text editors around. Includes interfaces to a few debuggers (Netbeans, Sun Visual Workshop, HP Nimbus) that show how an such interface could work.
A text editor and more. Includes many interfaces to different tools, which can be used as examples or more.
Rational Rose
Commercial (expensive). CASE Tool to design Object-Oriented architectures. Can provide ideas for how to handle design documents.
Commercial, now called "Select Business Solutions". CASE Tool to design Object-Oriented architectures, Visual UML Modelling. Can provide ideas for how to handle design documents.
Objectime ROOM
Commercial. Very good CASE Tool to design Real-time software. Now taken over by Rational and renamed Rational Rose RealTime.
Can provide ideas how to deal with real-time embedded software.
Research project on distributed objects. separate description of communication, security, replication, implementation.
Can be used for ideas to share various versions and parts of a package over the internet.
Generates docs from source code. Inputs C++, Java, IDL and C. Outputs RTF, PDF, HTML et al.
Extract docs from Python. Generates HTML.
Ssh module for Python.
Static analysis tool for Python, like what lint does for C.
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Example of how code can be distributed.
Python based build system? Can't find info.
ports? Web site is down.
Collaborative Virtual Workspace. A method for developers to collaborate and exchange information.
Content Management System. Allows a group of persons to share documents via a web interface. Written in Perl.
Peer-to-peer system. Looks mature.
Allows groups to work on programming projects, in Java, and PHP. Looks like it's in early development.
Allows people to share documents and code between computers and companies. Still in development.
Development tools, partly in Python. Something like gmake and version control. Where is the web page?
Unified configuration for a Linux system. Initial release available.
Update software automatically, in Java. Mirrors software from a server on a client.
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